EVE Online: Odyssey To Be Released June 4th


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CCP Games, the world’s leading independent massively multiplayer game developer, today announced EVE Online: Odyssey, the 19th free expansion to the award-winning sci-fi MMO EVE Online® will be released on June 4th, 2013. In the tradition of the Apocrypha expansion, Odyssey greatly expands the opportunities for players to explore all corners of the massive EVE Universe and its 7,929 solar systems.

EVE Online: Odyssey will take the exploration of space to a whole new level with an entirely revamped scanning mechanic, a fresh and accessible user interface and enticing new rewards for finding and interacting with sites hidden among the stars. All of Odyssey’s exploration changes are designed to make space feel even more alive and they will make it easier and more compelling for pilots to forge their path through the mysterious and dangerous universe.

Universe-wide resource redistribution and ship rebalancing will shake up the entire EVE metagame across social, economic, military and political levels, leading to new types of conflicts, fresh strategies and shifting allegiances amongst EVE’s player alliances. EVE Online: Odyssey will also debut new ships, star base improvements, graphics updates and a few surprises to be unveiled in the future.

“Odyssey is an expression of our love for space and exploration,” said Andie Nordgren, Senior Producer, EVE Online. “It brings changes that will wake the wanderlust and taste for adventure in both new and veteran pilots.”

The launch of Odyssey comes as CCP celebrates EVE’s tenth consecutive year of player growth, having passed the 500,000 worldwide subscriber mark in March.

More features and information about EVE Online: Odyssey will be revealed in the coming months, including April’s EVE Fanfest, where CCP will reveal all upcoming EVE Universe plans and kick off a year-long “Second Decade” celebration in Reykjavik, Iceland. With tickets sold out for the first time, the renowned player festival will feature talks by forward-thinking scientists, a performance of EVE music the by Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and a chance to play the latest version, never seen publicly before, from CCP’s groundbreaking PS3 shooter DUST 514®. For those who can’t attend in person, CCP will stream live from the event for free in standard definition and in HD for a one-time payment.


Bethesda Launch Official Store


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Bethesda Softworks have launched a new, official, merchandise store containing clothing, accessories, collectibles and more. There store features things from most of the major franchises they’ve published, like Doom, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls.

The selection isn’t particularly large just yet, but more goodies have been promised.

I’d settle for the “I Hate Morndas” mug.

Football Manager 13 tactics – Gung Ho!


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Gung Ho or GTFO is the third tactic I’ve created for Football Manager 2013 and the first I’ve shared here. – Ed

From the mind of the tactical genius that brought you the Brazil 1970 replication tactic in Football Manager 2011, as well as more recently, Banana Bread is Tasty and Sort of Tiki Taka comes a tactic so crazy, so out of the box that the creator was mocked viciously when proposing it to his peers. “It won’t work, you lunatic!” they cried as Dean, visibly dejected, left the room.

But they were wrong. It did work. Perhaps a little too well. It is a formation so good even the Premier League’s worst finishers in Fernando Torres and Danny Welbeck, are made to look like goal scoring machines. Reports suggest that Dean’s peers are now begging him to stop using it. Some select quotes from managers around the globe;

AssMan: “This tactic is so brutal that the gaffer went and offed himself when we came up against it. Looks like I might have to change my name from AssMan to IntMan now.

Name Withheld: “I was the first to call Dean a mad man and label his tactic a pile of dog shit. Now I can’t sleep at night without pills because of the the beating we took from his lads.

Arsene Wenger: “Is cheap and dirty tactic. They don’t play football properly. Is disgrace.”

Jose Mourinho: “Dean could possibly be new Special One. #NotOneNil”

Name Withheld: “Weebo weebo weebo.”



Glad you asked, Jimmy. I had decided to update my first off the wall tactic Banana Bread is Tasty, because the original was pretty bollocks in FM 13 in truth. The tactic needed to be better, it needed to reflect the man that inspired it. And so I started working on the updated version of Banana Bread is Tasty. But something happened…

I ate all the Banana Bread. It was tasty. But the Banana Bread is now all gone, so I would have to name it “Banana Bread was Tasty” instead. And so I did, for a short while. But whenever I saw the name, I found I wanted to snack on some Banana Bread. But being all out, that wasn’t possible. This made me sad. A sad, sad panda. We couldn’t have that now, could we?

So I went back to the drawing board. Okay, I lie, I’m far too lazy to walk all the way to my drawing board just to name a tactic. But seriously, this started out as a homage to Drai‘s cavalier gung ho style of playing Football Manager. Gung ho. Gung ho is defined as being ‘extremely or overly zealous or enthusiastic’ about something. In the context of Football Manager, it’s about leaving it all on the line and scoring goals, without a care about defense. And so we have Gung Ho or GTFO. Because quite frankly, if you aren’t playing Gung Ho, you should cease playing. Now.

So what does this tactic do? It scores goals, simple. In fact, you will score a lot of them. Welbeck and Torres can look like beasts in this tactic. You will also probably concede a lot of goals too, but who cares? You’ll outscore the opposition anyway. So far this is proving to be more effective than the original, with the attacking unit working together much more effectively to tear opposition teams a new one. First lets take a look at the formation (click the image for a larger version):


As you can see from the shape here, the team is set up into two clearly defined units; attack and defense, with no traditional central midfielders bridging the two. Our defensive unit consists of two limited defenders and an anchor man in the middle. The anchor man’s job is to attempt to break up any attack before the defenders get involved and if he doesn’t, becomes a third man in the heart of the defense.

Because there are no true bridging players and the team already plays a fast and direct style, the anchor man and two central defenders are set to push the ball up the park as quick as possible or out wide. Despite only being set to support, the wing backs are still somewhat attacking. Their job is to quickly get up to the byline and pump balls in to the waiting strikers. They’ll move beyond the wide players further up the pitch to do so.

Then we have the attacking unit. In Banana Bread is Tasty, the attacking unit was two inside forwards on the wings, two advanced play makers in the RCAM and LCAM with an advanced forward up front. This didn’t work altogether too well. The two advanced play makers now reside on the wings as support. They provide creativity, hold the ball up so the wing backs can run past them and also attack. How effective they have been out there has surprised me a little.

Then we have what is really three strikers up front, however one of them is playing a little deeper in the shadow striker role. The inside forward will pick up the ball deep and run through the middle, attacking the space that the two guys hopefully create up front, or slotting a through ball to either. The partnership up front includes a Trequartista, who will get more involved in the build up and an advanced forward who will be your main goal outlet.

The philosophy of this tactic is relatively simple; We’ll just outscore the opposition. You should expect to concede goals, as this tactic isn’t about being strong defensively. Click the button below to download the tactic. [wpdm_file id=1]

 Don’t know how to install new tactics in Football Manager 2013? This link will help.

Now for a snap shot of results using this tactic.






Game of Thrones comes to Facebook


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It was perhaps only a matter of time, but the popular book and TV series Game of Thrones is getting its own Facebook social game. Boston-based developers Disruptor Beam have announced, in partnership with HBO Licensing and George R.R. Martin, the open beta for Game of Thrones Ascent.

Uniting story and strategy, players will lead the life of a noble in the times depicted in the series, swear allegiance to one of the great houses and upgrade their holdings, all the while competing against other players. The developers promise deep and immersive political game play that A Song of Ice and Fire is renowned for.

Key game features and actions that players can take part in include:

· Rule your own noble house! Upgrade your holdings over time. Build your keep, your lands and your forces.
· Become the most powerful noble in Westeros! Choose your path to success through battle, intrigue or trade. Watch your Power rank increase as you take actions in-game.
· Become a bannerman to one of the Great Houses! Choose your loyalties among Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy or Targaryen.
· Customize your character. Select your lineage and alignment. Create your own family banner.
· Build and acquire resources.  Send your Sworn Swords on quests and adventures, involving your house in familiar events across Westeros while gaining wealth and Power.
· Work with (and sometimes against) your friends. Take part in interactive player-vs-player action, overcoming major challenges and adversaries.


You can check out Game of Thrones Ascent for yourself, here.

Seasons Greetings


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On behalf of the GamingHUD team, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holidays. May they be filled with friends, family, cheer and most importantly, video games. Leave a comment below telling us about any video game related festive stories you might have, or let us know what swag you’ve picked up in the comments section and you’ll earn yourself a nice little achievement for doing so.

I’ll also take this time to give a little update on what the future has in store for the site in 2013.

Change of Ownership: Previously, GamingHUD was run and owned solely by yours truly but as of this month, the site will be co-owned by myself and Elijah (Iovan – Editor of the Reset Button). In the grand scheme of things, this won’t change how the site is run as we share similar ideals. It does take a little of the burden off me though, which is nice. Plus, I’ve known Elijah for many years and he’s a stand up bloke.

Re-branding: As I’ve mentioned in a earlier post, we’re looking at re-branding the site. Giving it a new, more catchy (hopefully) name and a logo with a small site redesign thrown into the works. Again, this doesn’t mean we’ll be operating differently, this is mainly for the marketing aspect. My aim is do this sometime mid to late January; the site will go down for a day or two then come back up. When that happens you’ll still be able to get to the site via the gaminghud.com address for most of 2013 (till the end of December, I believe).

The second half of 2012 wasn’t a particularly great one for the site – I was particularly busy and in the moments where I had the free time to write stuff, I lacked the inspiration and motivation to write anything. But we’ve got big plans in store, for more content across the board and I hope to see new and old faces in 2013.

Happy Holidays from your favourite Aussie Gamer.

Re-brand Competition


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The big bad world out there that is, has proven somewhat of a nemesis to us GamingHUD guys in the later half of 2012. But to make up for it, we’re gearing up to make 2013 our biggest year yet.

Part of that process will be re-branding the ‘product’. We’re aiming to ditch the completely uninspired and yawn inducing name of GamingHUD for something more catchy, with pizzazz and boldly proclaim “THIS IS THE GAMING SITE YOU WANT TO BE AT”. Or something along those lines.

But there’s a problem. I’m terrible at coming up with names. Hell, I’m the one who came up with GamingHUD after all. So what to do, what to do? Hold a competition of course!

What you need to do, How to Enter, How do I win and Prizes

*What you need to do? Simple! Come up with a good, catchy name for the new and improved GamingHUD!
*How do you enter? Post your idea in the comment section below by 20/12/2012 (that’s 12/20/2012 for Americans).
*How do I win? We’ll be picking the idea that sounds the most appealing and catchy. If you like someone else’s suggestion, let them know! See the rules section down below for more info.
*What do I win? The member who posts the winning entry will be gifted a game(s) on either Steam or Good Old Games up to US$10. We’ll get in touch with the winner and ask him (or her) which distribution they prefer for the prize.

The Rules

*You must be a registered member for your submission to count. It is much easier for us to get in contact with you if you are a registered member of the site.
*The cut off for submissions is 11pm AEST (American Eastern Standard Time) on the 20th of December. Entries submitted after that point won’t be considered. Sorry!
*Members may submit up to 3 entries. Using duplicate accounts to post more submissions as this may void your entries.
*Your entry may not be considered if a domain name using it is already registered. We’ll check variations to ensure your entries have the best possible chance.

Looking forward to seeing your entries!