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On behalf of the GamingHUD team, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holidays. May they be filled with friends, family, cheer and most importantly, video games. Leave a comment below telling us about any video game related festive stories you might have, or let us know what swag you’ve picked up in the comments section and you’ll earn yourself a nice little achievement for doing so.

I’ll also take this time to give a little update on what the future has in store for the site in 2013.

Change of Ownership: Previously, GamingHUD was run and owned solely by yours truly but as of this month, the site will be co-owned by myself and Elijah (Iovan – Editor of the Reset Button). In the grand scheme of things, this won’t change how the site is run as we share similar ideals. It does take a little of the burden off me though, which is nice. Plus, I’ve known Elijah for many years and he’s a stand up bloke.

Re-branding: As I’ve mentioned in a earlier post, we’re looking at re-branding the site. Giving it a new, more catchy (hopefully) name and a logo with a small site redesign thrown into the works. Again, this doesn’t mean we’ll be operating differently, this is mainly for the marketing aspect. My aim is do this sometime mid to late January; the site will go down for a day or two then come back up. When that happens you’ll still be able to get to the site via the gaminghud.com address for most of 2013 (till the end of December, I believe).

The second half of 2012 wasn’t a particularly great one for the site – I was particularly busy and in the moments where I had the free time to write stuff, I lacked the inspiration and motivation to write anything. But we’ve got big plans in store, for more content across the board and I hope to see new and old faces in 2013.

Happy Holidays from your favourite Aussie Gamer.