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Miss the Nintendo conference? Here’s how the Live tweeting played out.

9:02 AM: @gaminghud – Pikmin!

9:05 AM: @gaminghud – Miyamoto summons his translator via whistle. Brilliant.

9:05 AM: @gaminghud – Here’s Pikmin 3! (Pikmin 3 officially announced for Wii U)

9:07 AM: @gaminghud – “Pikmin seem more like ants” (Quote on the enhanced behaviour and animations of the Pikmin)

9:08 AM: @panique – This is how you do a keynote. Start with a GAME not a speech about the company. #E3 #Nintendo

9:10 AM @gaminghud – @panique You mean like every over conference this year? 😛

9:11 AM @gaminghud – Here’s Reggie boy!! (Reggie Fils-Aime enters the stage)

9:15 AM @gaminghud – “We don’t have much time to talk about the Wii U, we’re going to be focusing on games instead” Five minutes and counting, still talking about the Wii U, Reggie.

9:16 AM @gaminghud – Wii U will support two gamepads, that’s a relief.

9:17 AM @gaminghud – So I wonder why Nintendo seem to be pushing the black version of Wii U at this years E3? (The Black Model has predominantly been shown this year, instead of the white)

9:18 AM @gaminghud – “You might think of it as Mainstreet” – about MiiVerse (An upgraded version of MiiPlaza)

9:20 AM @gaminghud – MiiVerse probably won’t be available at launch except for on Wii U. Will have cross platform capability on smart phones, Nintendo 3DS etc

9:21 AM @gaminghud – Super Mario Bros U announced for Wii U.

9:22 AM @gaminghud – Looks great but please tell me that isn’t going to be the ingame sounds & music

9:23 AM @gaminghud – Gamepad will offer new possibilities for speed runs in Super Mario Bros U. Gamepad player can place blocks for others.

9:24 AM @gaminghud – Arkham City announced for Wii U.

9:26 AM @gaminghud – Arkham City Armored Edition – new features for Wii U, new exclusive skins for Batman and Catwoman

9:29 AM @gaminghud – Scribblenauts Unlimited announced for Wii U.

9:32 AM @gaminghud – Mass Effect 3 will be coming to the Wii U.

9:34 AM @gaminghud – Reggie’s said it. His body is ready (Reggie talking about Wii Fit)

9:36 AM @gaminghud – Bobsledding on the balance board, doesn’t look too comfortable. (New Wii Fit activities)

9:37 AM @gaminghud – SiNG (Working title) announced for Wii U. Rival for Singstar et al

9:40 AM @gaminghud – There will be a full hour of 3DS stuff tomorrow at 6pm. (3DS didn’t get much love in the main Nintendo conference)

9:43 AM @gaminghud – Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS announced.

9:44 AM @fiddlecub – What about the third unsung brother, Guiseppe, the fat pipe-smoking one?

9:45 AM @gaminghud – @fiddlecub He was too busy doing Mario and Luigi’s laundry to make an appearance.

9:46 AM @gaminghud – Castlevania and Epic Mickey among new titles coming to 3DS.

9:46 AM @gaminghud – Lego City Undercover announced for Wii U.

9:48 AM @gaminghud – So this looks like a sleek and well done Lego game. Agree? (Lego City Undercover appears to be open world)

9:49 AM @gaminghud – There will be an exclusive portable version of Lego City Undercover for 3DS.

9:52 AM @gaminghud – Just Dance 4 announced for Wii U.

9:54 AM @gaminghud – Ok, NOW we are going to see just what the Wii U is capable of. ZombiU demo playing now. (It looks quite good graphically!)

10:00 AM @gaminghud – Nintendo Land announced for Wii U.

10:04 AM @gaminghud – Luigi’s Ghost Mansion AKA Pacman vs announced as part of of Nintendo Land.

10:06 AM @gaminghud – I hope this isn’t the finale.

10:09 AM @gaminghud – I don’t want to dive into Nintendo Land anymore than I have. Thanks. #E3

10:18 AM @gaminghud – So uh, my Microsoft 1, Nintendo 0 comment the other day? Still applicable, I think.

10:18 AM @gaminghud – Miyamoto was the highlight, clearly still passionate about video games and consoles even after so long.

And that just about wraps up the live tweeting for the Nintendo conference. Keep on the look out for some opinions regarding all the press conferences soon!