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Dean: Next up we had Electronic Art’s conference. Highlight(s)?

Aldath: Out of everything that was shown, I’d have to say the brief trailer for the new Sim City game. A second would either be Crysis or Medal of Honor. Thats a title I haven’t heard from in quite a while.

Dean: I thought Crysis 3 looked good, but then again, what Crysis game doesn’t? I liked the look of Sim City also but we didn’t gain too much about it. I’m not a fan of MMA/UFC games in particular, but I’d have to say that EA getting the UFC license is pretty big, especially when you consider the history between them and Dana White.

Aldath: Indeed. And overall, the conference just felt like it was… Missing something. Though I am surprised at the MMA/UFC rights But I guess when you see the people who you are relying on to get a game out there for you start to have troubles, it’s only natural to worry and try seeking out something else.

Dean: Enough of the highlights for now, what would you say was the low point of EA’s conference?

Aldath: Battlefield 3 Premium. When I heard that announcement, the first thing I thought of it was just another money grub attempt.

Dean: Personally I don’t think there was a low point. It was a pretty rounded affair. Premium is a fair shout though, it was rumoured before E3 and the fans didn’t seem to take kindly to it.

Aldath: Depending on the quality of those DLC, it doesn’t seem worth it to shell out the $50 for it.

Dean: Oh, how could I forget? I wanted to see something Mass Effect 3 DLC related but that didn’t happen. Yeah, that’s my low point.

Aldath: Ah yeah, that. I was expecting some sort of announcement, maybe more information and a sneak peek at the DLC they’re going to release thats about the endings of ME3.

Dean: Overall impressions of EA’s conference?

Aldath: I could tell they didn’t spend as much on making a fancy stage like the others did. Tiny stage with a huge screen in the back, while everyone else had a large stage and multiple decorations and stuff around. And I think they focused a little too much on their big titles. I mean I get that they are the big money makers for them, but I would have liked to see more about the smaller games.

Dean: Definitely not the best conference I’ve ever seen at an E3, but then again, I never expected it to be. They didn’t put a foot wrong though in their execution. By the time it ended however, I was well and truly over seeing military first person shooters. Yawn. It’s also interesting to note that of the games they did demo, they were all demoed on the Xbox 360.

Aldath: Agreed. Way too many shooters shown.

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