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Aldath and I have a chat about the five conferences at this year’s E3 and offer up our impressions. Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. None will escape our discussion..

Dean: Alright, first up let’s talk about Microsoft’s conference, given that this was the first one on the E3 agenda. What was your highlight of the conference?

Aldath: For me, I’d have to say it was Halo 4. There just wasn’t any other interesting announcements.

Dean: For me, the SmartGlass was the highlight of the conference. Sure, there were perhaps more interesting GAME stuff to be seen, but they’ve set up themselves up to be able to compete with what sets the Wii U apart from other consoles (the gamepad) without requiring any additional hardware.

Aldath: That would be a close second for me.

Dean: What was your low point for Microsoft’s conference? The thing you were least interested in, etc.

Aldath: Hmm, probably anything relating to Kinect.

Dean: I thought that the Bing stuff in particular were the worst. No one cares about the service, nor about Internet Explorer coming to Xbox – they could have dedicated the time they spent on something else.

Aldath: A lot of companies do stuff that, so I tend to just kind of ignore it.

halo 4 screenshot 10

Dean: What was your overall impression of Microsoft’s press conference?

Aldath: I think it could have been a bit better.

Dean: They definitely played it safe. We knew Halo 4 was going to get shown, this time at the start of the conference instead of at the end (like last year’s) and we knew that Black Ops 2 was going to get coverage. The Kinect stuff was kind of unimpressive, mostly voice related – can’t we do that with just a mic? They had some potentially interesting XBLA titles on show but they were barely shown so it was impossible to say either way.

Aldath: Voice related stuff isn’t really all that impressive these days.

Dean: I think it is also worth a mention that Microsoft seem to have made strides in the direction they are taking the Xbox 360, from just a gaming console to an all entertainment console.

Aldath: That is a neat direction to go. I like the idea of having multiple entertainment options in just one package. Easier to watch stuff like movies with friends and family, yet also play games with them with the same system.

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