Hi folks,

As part of our plans to move the site forward and get bigger and better, we’ve decided to seek out a new addition to our awesome, volunteer staff. What are we looking for? Someone to fill the void of the newly created Community & PR position. Such a person would be responsible for taking up our social media mantle, helping the site grow with strategies they’ve come up with, as well as working with the rest of the team in this capacity.

The ideals or must haves:

  • A pre-existing social media presence on places like Twitter and Facebook. Knowing how they work and how to leverage them.
  • Must be a gamer. I think this goes without saying! You live and breathe games. Or at least, would like to! =)
  • People person. You’re not afraid to engage with people on the ‘interwebz’.
  • Ability to work either solo or with the rest of the crew in coming up with new ideas and strategies to help the site grow. Then go off and execute them.

Use the contact form below to send me an email to express your interest.

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If you have any questions about this, feel free to either email me or post below.