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Team2bit, an independent studio founded by brothers Matt and Jake Lewandowski, has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign today to fund the completion of their old school beat em up game, titled Fist Puncher. The campaign aims to raise $10,000 (US) and will run through to April 29.

The duo brother team recently won IGN’s ‘The Next Game Boss’ reality series that pits indie dev teams against one another in a series of challenges. They won the show with their side-scrolling platformer “Washington’s Wig”, starring Dogsworth McFreedom, the fictional dog of George Washington.

Fist Puncher follows a team of vigilantes led by Dr. Karate, world renowned neurosurgeon and black belt, as they perform unnecessary surgery on the crime lords that hold a lawless city in their brutal grip.  The gameplay is true to the classic era of button mashing brawlers, as players choose from a diverse cast of characters and take to the streets to battle endless waves of thugs and ruffians.  But Fist Puncher offers a deeper experience than the quarter eating games that made the genre famous, including RPG elements and extensive unlockable content.  “Think Double Dragon meets Castle Crashers”, says studio co-founder Jake Lewandowski.

Fist Puncher is slated for a release on PC and Xbox Live Indie Games, with a hope for other platforms if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Check out Team2bit’s website here or head over to their Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here.