Raptr, the leading gaming social network, has launched a new gaming reputation system that allows users to progress through ranks by playing games and accomplishing things in them, with these ranks providing a variety of benefits such as exclusive site features and rewards from retailers.

Raptr’s new gaming rep system introduces these features:
•        New, dynamic user profiles, interactive charts, and genre maps
•         A percentile-based ranking system that tracks a user’s hours and achievements and compares them with the rest of the community.  The ranks are as follows: Newbie –> Amateur –> Experienced –> Dedicated –> Hardcore –> Elite
•        Social leaderboards to see how a user stacks up against friends
•        Highly targeted and personalized news feed that delivers relevant content based on a user’s game collection, rank, most recent activity, and progress in a game
•        Real rewards as users rank up in the games they play