First, a quick story.

Last year I was doing a multimedia course, of which, one of the subjects was game design. Although the class was extremely limited (in fact, my skills and knowledge were already beyond the scope of the class – epic boast?) it is the one I paid most attention in. Our major assignment was to produce a game (go figure) and Muklu’s Wrath is that result. I was originally working on a sidescrolling platformer, but a HDD failure caused a month’s worth of work to be vaporised in an instant, so I scrapped that in favour of a JRPG inspired game.

Tome of Eight Souls is an original high setting by myself and Iovan, which is the setting used for Muklu’s Wrath. Work on the setting itself has been on hiatus for some time (several months) due to various other more pressing commitments, but if you are interested in scratching around, you can go here. Anyway, back to the game itself. It is essentially a demo, with several hours worth of gameplay. Given the timeframe I had to work in and being the only person working on it, I’m quite proud of what I am accomplished.

Although, given the chance to go back, I’d do a lot of things differently and perhaps accomplish more. But that is here nor there. I originally had the game files hosted on this server (practically at the time) while doing play testing, but then removed it after I had submitted the final version to my teacher. Between then and now I had gotten several requests to be able to download the game again and have a go, so I’ve re-uploaded it else where. The file can be downloaded here. It’ll only run on Windows PCs.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the file above.
  • Double click the executable archive (You may get a virus warning – don’t worry, it isn’t) and extract the files where ever you want them.
  • Go to where you extracted the TESRPG folder.
  • Double click the Game icon – the one with the horse chess piece image next to it, to fire up to game.


  • Z on the keyboard lets you interact with NPCs/objects. Also confirm in menu
  • X on the keyboard opens the menu and is also cancel/go back.
  • Alt + Enter will make the game go fullscreen.
  • Arrow keys are for movement.
  • Holding down shift (in certain areas) while moving allows character to dash.

I shall be leaving it up indefinitely, for anyone that wants to give it a try. I can’t promise that I’ll ever finish it, but we’ll see. If I do, it’ll definitely be starting from scratch for a number of reasons.