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It has been some time since I put the call out for people to submit their Skyrim hoarding efforts and while I never did quite receive any entries for Skyrim specifically, I did get this really neat Deus Ex submission. So I decided to let the internet lay for a while, knowing that hoarder-kind was hard at work amassing their collection of items, useless or otherwise. And now it is time to pick the fruit from the tree and sample what the grand ol’ internet has to offer.

Clearly the player above found the Whiterun market to be lacking… decoration, so they lent a hand by dumping all their goods in the middle of the market, covering (and possibly filling – hard to tell from the picture) the well in the process.

I can’t quite tell whether this hoarding effort is a symbol of the player’s affection for trolls, or a wicked troll hunting trophy display. Either way, that is a veritable sea of troll skulls. No trolls were harmed in the making of this image.

It is entirely possible that this is every cabbage that can be found in Skyrim. If that is the case, then clearly the player who amassed this fine carpet of greenery has a love for cabbages as strong as any to be found in an ode. That or they just think that the Whiterun tavern occupants need to eat more vegetables.

Let me guess, somebody stole your sweet roll? Well, chances are it found its way into this person’s home. As well as many others. You’d best alert the Jarl’s men immediately.

Weapons, armour, anything you need really. Well, in this case there are enough weapons magical or otherwise to equip and army with. Once again Whiterun serves as a hoarder’s playground.

Disclaimer: None of these images were my doing, they were pulled from a brief Google search and as I understand it, originate on Reddit. Despite looking, I can’t find the source links, but there you have it.