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Hi folks,

As part of our plans to make the GamingHUD experience a more social and interactive one, I’ve been plugging away at creating a few achievements that reward both users and staff. There are about twenty or so achievements now, all of which reward a badge and some points. The badges proudly sit on display on your account; the points on the other hand add up and on the main page now you can see a leaderboard for the most points earned from unlocking achievements.

This leaderboard currently only displays on the main page and then only the top 5 (As of writing, I’m number one, yeah! *fist pumps*) but we will incorporate the leaderboard elsewhere to display more entries. I feel like there is a pretty good mixture of short term, mid and long term achievements right now for a variety of things BUT the laurels are not being rested on. This is just the beginning, I want to add more and will do so as functionality and ideas converge together to work.

You can see a full list of current achievements here.

Until next time,
Dean ‘Cypher’ Gillett