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For a while now, League of Legends players have had the ability to player co-operatively against Bots (NPCs), allowing players to learn the game mechanics and practices their chosen champion before moving on into the realm of PvP. But the game mode isn’t just used by new players, senior producer Mark Norris tells Joystiq, “One thing that kept coming up was the majority of the people who play League of Legends will play, every week, at least one co-op vs. AI game. And it’s actually the primary game mode for a surprisingly large percentage of players.”

Not only are there updates coming that will improve the AI of the bots, so that they don’t fall foul of being tricked into things like tower diving when they aren’t really able to amongst others, the roster of AI bots is being increased to 40 in total providing more variety to the make up of the bot team. Co-op vs AI matches will no longer just be on the classic 5 v 5 Summoner’s Rift mode either, as it expands to the newest of the League of Legends game modes, Dominion.

Source: Joystiq