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On Tuesday, this interesting read on the Penny Arcade was posted. It is the exchange between one consumer and the PR for a company. When you’ve read it, join me below.

Read it? Good. I’ll start by saying that after ready that, my initial opinion was that this Paul Christoforo chap is a massive douche. Some time has passed and you know what? I’m still of the belief that he is a massive douche. His responses to Dave were entirely uncalled for and his blatant disregard for customers in general was sickening – oh, that is not to mention his grammar and spelling were also particularly horrible. Then Paul goes on to insult PAX too. Seriously? PAX is one of the biggest conventions on the games industry calendar and arguably the biggest that is open to non-industry types (re: the important people, you guys!).

There’s a saying; any press is good press. And it is when things like this happen, that I am reminded of it. Before yesterday, I’d never even heard of this guy or his company. I’m sure many people are in that boat, too. And of course, people are talking about it as a result (like this post… hah). But is this really good press? Some of the people that Paul name dropped, have since condemned him. His actions have cost the company he works for (re: the company that makes the controllers, not his PR company), the ability to have a booth at PAX. I’d be wanting to cut my ties with him pretty quickly if I were the ones that hired him.

So yeah, this guy is a self-important, moronic douche. I probably shouldn’t say that, I mean, he has 125 people dedicated to PR, ready to slander any and all that speak out! Or is it that he just has 125 split personalities? You decide.

Anyway, I want to hear from you guys on any bad experiences you might have had with bad PR in the past. Ready, set, go.

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