As if all the crazy holiday sales deals on Steam at the moment weren’t enough to entice people into the PC gaming arena, Valve are now running a competition with the main prize being the ENTIRE LIBRARY OF GAMES on Steam. One lucky winner will have access to hundreds of games, for free. The contest calls on Steam Members to complete a set of six in-game objectives to receive either a free game or coupons from the Great Gift pile; or a piece of coal. Coal can be collected and turned into gifts, however, if any coal remains on your account by January 1st, it will count as an entry to this amazing competition.

The main winner will be announced on January 2nd. Alongside the main prize, the following is up for grabs; 50 winners will receive the top ten items on their wishlist, 100 winners will receive the top 5 items on their wishlist while 1000 winners will receive the Valve Complete Pack.

Crazy? Most definitely. But you’d be even crazier not to get involved.