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When I put the call out to Skyrim hoarders to submit their best hoarding efforts, I wasn’t quite sure to expect. And while the call out is still very much in effect, the results thus far have inspired me to honour the hoarders in the digital world (You know, video games!) not only just in Skyrim but every game!

So with that said, I present the following submission, sent in via email by Geir. It seems that Geir likes the Derelict Row Ballers from Deus Ex: Human Revolution so much, that he just had to get them all in the one spot – yes, that is every Baller in the game! He assures us however, that most of them are only tranquillised,  so it isn’t as bad as it looks. Can you say slumber party in the middle of the street? (Click the image for a larger version)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hoarding

Got any hoarding submissions that you want to share with the world? Then get in touch with me and your effort could feature in a future edition of All Hail… The Hoarders!

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