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Ok, so the posts haven’t been very frequent lately and for that I apologise. College has me busy as it is the business end of the year now (Assignments, assessments etc etc galore) but I figured I’d opt for a little personal touch (ergo, you might see ME!) by showing you off some things I got today. Or maybe it is to torture you. Either way, here we go.

Skyrim Map

That’s me. And what is that I’m holding? Oh? A map of Skyrim of course! It may not look like it, but I am super-duper happy in this picture. But it’s been a long day for this Dovakhiin so I’m somewhat tired. However, I will likely be doing an all nighter on Skyrim.. because why the hell not?

Skyrim Artwork cards

Some Skyrim artwork cards! Nothing any well-travelled Nord won’t have seen before though.

Skyrim Notebook

A 500 page notebook for scribbling down the details of your latest quest. “Went to fridge. Acquired snacks. Returned to play Skyrim.” I don’t know if I’ll be writing in mine just yet. Am I worthy?

Skyrim Notebook 2

The Chin of Doom!!! Also, it’s that lovely notebook again. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but perhaps I should have taken a picture of the inside? At the bottom of each page it lets you know what game you got this with! And they’re treated (dyed). So no plain old white pages for me (and hopefully you too!).

Skyrim Steel cover

This is the Skyrim steel cover. Or case. The thing you stick your disc in so you don’t have to use that crappy standard Xbox 360 case they give you. You know what I’m talking about!

Skyrim Steel Cover 2

Argghh. Is that dragon blood flowing through my veins? What else could explain the red eyes? No? Ok then. Oh and that’s the steel case again too. Pretty snazzy.

I wish I had an Alduin statue to show off.. but unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. The collector’s edition sold out here in Australia within FOUR HOURS. Either there are a lot of Elder Scrolls fans here or there were not enough units allocated. But they were gone quicker than you can say “OH MY GOD IT IS A DRAGON!?!!?!”.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and it did not torture in any way, shape or form. If it did, I apologise. For those of you still waiting anxiously for the game? It is well worth the wait. Trust me (I’m a Khajiit).