It’s been a while now since we’ve had a new instalment into the Sim City series (2007, with Societies) but Good Old Games is set to make sure we don’t forget about it as they have just released Sim City 2000 special edition on their website. The City building sim is only US$5.99 on and comes with the urban renewal kit, allowing you to add your own buildings into the game.

Build zoos, schools, prisons, hospitals, power plants and more as you try to grow a city while keeping afloat. In addition to an open-ended game (where you can expand to your heart’s content on the map), the game also serves up challenge maps, which present challenges ranging from the realistic scenarios to the more wild ones with UFO attacks and the like. As some one who has spent more than a ridiculous amount of time playing the earlier Sim City titles (including this!) I wholeheartedly recommend this. Unless you have a job or some other serious commitment. Sim City 2000 WILL get in the way with its addictiveness.