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Kalypso Media have today announced the release of Patrician IV Gold Edition, the latest game in the historical trading and strategy simulation series. In the game you play a Hanse merchant, in North Eastern Europe during the middle ages, when the Hanseatic trade league was flourishing. Patrician IV Gold Edition features the following:

  • Combines the full edition of Patrician IV and the official expansion Rise of a Dynasty into one great game
  • Realistically modelled trade system with trade routes between 40 cities on the coast and the mainland
  • Become a leading merchant in heartland cities and establish an extensive road network to expand your trade routes
  • All towns are displayed in impressive and detailed 3D
  • Intelligent rivals, dynamic weather and seasons influence gameplay
  • Manage your trading empire with three of your friends via LAN or Internet in a cooperative multiplayer mode
  • Become a big time landowner and buy parts of the regional territories to expand your influence and power
  • Be elected mayor of your home town or even Alderman of the Hanseatic League and gain new rights and responsibilities.
  • Construct your own merchant fleet from historical ship models and research new ship types
  • Arm your fleet with convoy ships and fight in impressive naval battles against pirates and rivals

Patrician IV Gold Edition releases in the UK on 30th September.