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Legendary director, Ridley Scott (Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Alien etc) is set to join the list of talents Activision are bringing together for their subscription service, Call of Duty Elite. Together with Jason Bateman, Ben Silverman, Will Arnett and Ridley’s brother Tony Scott they will reportedly produce “exclusive episodic content” for the service, no doubt for those who pay for the premium version. What the content will be and whether it will be free or premium is yet to be revealed, however.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg made the announcement as part of his presentation at the 13th Annual Pacific Crest Global Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colo. Among other things, he had this to say about the collaboration:

Just like any other passion that people spend a lot of their free time doing, Call of Duty players share a common language and a common experience, and we think we can create some entertainment content that they will love and talk about and share.

He then went on to emphasis the strong sales figures of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which has sold upwards of 25 million copies since release.

Source: USA Today