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Star Wars Galaxies

This was basically inevitable, but it’s still sad to see. Station.com, Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO platform, just posted a message that, as of June, they would begin turning off support for Star Wars Galaxies. Service runs through December 15th, but they’ll be turning off the game’s purchase availability in September and offering it for free for the three months remaining until 2012 rolls around.

It’s not much of a coincidence on the timing, either – BioWare’s hotly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic is targeted for “second half of 2012,” meaning that the monopoly on Star Wars MMOs that once belonged to SWG no longer applies. SWG has been in a severe decline for some time now, especially after the controversial New Game Enhancement patch that changed the unique-if-frustrating experience and classes system with a World of Warcraft imitation.

[Via: Gamrfeed]