Ahh, the humble Space Marine, unyielding servant to the God Emperor of Mankind. This is the hero that I have the most familiarity with – to sum up the Space Marine in a word? The tank. The Space Marine has a good selection of wargear to emphasise that role, with various regen or health bonuses.  They can also equip wargear that lets them taunt the enemy, forcing them to attack the Space Marine, or another which causes lesser enemies to flee when used. In the higher up levels, you’ll get an amazing dreadnought to equip, and in terms of combat, you can go either ranged or melee. Another useful item the Space Marine can get is the Jump Pack, which gives them more mobility to get around the arena. Most of the Space Marine’s weaponry is aimed at single target stuff and non-counting abilities (Plasma gun giving hellfire grenade), the only weapon they have that’ll give you decent AoE ability is the Plasma cannon – not something I would recommend taking unless you are playing with an Eldar who has group teleport equipped.

Space Marine Wargear List

Space Marine Bolt Pistol Bolt Pistol
Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed ranged weapon, 4.8 dps.


Space Marine Chainsword Chainsword
Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed melee weapon, 12.3 dps.


Space Marine Power Armour Power Armour
Default armour. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armour Rating: 62.


Space Marine Bolter Bolter
Starting Equipment.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 21.8 dps. +0.3 Energy Regeneration, grants ability: Blind Grenade (stun enemy targets in an area on detonation).

Master crafted Bolt Pistol Master Crafted Bolt Pistol
Starting  Equipment.

One-handed ranged weapon, 4.8 dps. +1.5 Health Regeneration.


Master Crafted Chainsword Master Crafted Chainsword
Starting Equipment.

One-handed melee weapon, 12.3 dps. Grants trait Zealous (the Captain regains 10 health every time he strikes with his chainsword).

Armour of Resilience Armour of Resilience
Starting Equipment.

Armour Rating 128. Grants trait Unshakable (makes the wearer immune to knockback).

Rite of Fortitude Rite of Fortitude
Starting Equipment.

Accessory. +75 Health.


Rite of Swift Victory Rite of Swift Victory
Starting Equipment.

Accessory. Grants ability: Victory Charge (charge to a specified location with the chapter’s vigor, smashing through objects and knocking enemies back).

Oath of Merciless Rage Oath of Merciless Rage
Unlocked at Level 2.

Accessory. Grants ability: Merciless Strike (lash out at a specified target with an explosive short-range melee attack).

Parable of the stalwart brother Parable of the Stalwart Brother
Unlocked at Level 3.

Accessory. +1.5 Health Regeneration.


Plasma Pistol Plasma Pistol
Unlocks at Level 4.

One-handed ranged weapon, 3.5 dps. Grants traits: Corroding (targets hit with the plasma pistol have their armor reduced for a short duration), Combat Expert (+30% melee and ranged damage).

Larraman's Blessing Larraman’s Blessing
Unlocks at Level 5.

Commander Item. Grants trait: Healing Aura (+2 Health Regeneration for all nearby allies).

Litanies of Hate Litanies of Hate
Unlocks at Level 6.

Accessory. Grants ability: Taunt Target (force a targeted enemy to engage the Space Marine, drawing fire from their allies).


Power Axe Power Axe
Unlocks at Level 7.

One-handed melee weapon, 19.0 dps. Grants trait: Armor Piercing (strikes from the Power Axe ignore up to 100 armor value).


Jump Pack Jump Pack
Unlocks at Level 8.

Accessory. Grants Ability: Assault Jump (soar through the air and land at target location knocking back nearby units).


Armour of Vengeance Armour of Vengeance
Unlocked at Level 9.

Armour Rating: 208. Grants trait: Reactive Strike (chance when the Captain is hit by a melee attack to damage and knockback the attacker).


Rite of the Tireless Crusader Rite of the Tireless Crusader
Unlocks at Level 10.

Accessory. Grants ability: Revive (revive a fallen comrade with full health and temporary invulnerability).


Plasma Gun Plasma Gun
Unlocks at Level 11.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 22.6 dps. Grants ability: Hellfire Grenade (An area-of-effect attack with low-medium damage distributed evenly across the entire area. This damage ignores a significant amount of armor.) Grants trait: Armor Piercing (attacks from the Plasma Gun ignore up to 100 armor value).


Terror of Xenos Terror of Xenos
Unlocks at Level 12.

Accessory. Grants ability: Fearsome Shout (cause all nearby enemies to retreat).


Artificer Armour Artificer Armour
Unlocks at Level 13.

Armour rating: 162, +50 Health, +25 Energy.


Litanies of Zeal Litanies of Zeal
Unlocks at level 14.

Accessory. Grants trait: Zealous Leadership (melee attacks heal all nearby allies for 5 health).


Dreadnought Drop Pod Dreadnought Drop Pod
Unlocks at level 15.

Commander Item. Deliver a Dreadnought by drop pod. Only one Dreadnought may be active at a time.


Plasma cannon Plasma Cannon
Unlocks at Level 16.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 10.5 dps. Grants Traits: Knockdown, Heavy, Area of Effect. Cannot use Jump Pack with this weapon.


Armour of Fortitude Armour of Fortitude
Unlocks at Level 17.

Armour Rating: 144, +2.5 Health Regeneration.


Frag Grenades Frag Grenades
Unlocks at Level 18.

Accessory. Supplies Frag Grenades which are an Area-of-effect attack with damage much higher the closer a target is to the central impact point knocks down surviving victims.


Feel No Pain Feel No Pain
Unlocks at Level 19.

Accessory. Restore health to a nearby targeted ally.


Orbital Targeting Beacon Orbital Targeting Beacon
Unlocks at level 20.

Commander Item. Grants the ability to call in a massive orbital strike capable of destroying even the heaviest units.


Thunder Hammer Thunder Hammer
Unlocked by completing Fury of the Primarch Achievement (2500 kills in last stand while using Space Marine Captain) .

Two handed melee weapon, 15 DPS. Grants trait Vehicle Stun (strikes from the thunder hammer stun vehicles) and Knockback (attacks from the Thunder hammer have a chance to cause knockback.)

Lightning Claw Lightning Claw
Unlocked by completing The Warrior Born achievement (350 kills in a single last stand match while using Space Marine Captain).

One handed melee weapon, 10 DPS. Grants trait Lightning Damage (strikes from the Lightning claw cause damage over time, as well as splash damage to squads).

Inscribed Combat ShieldInscribed Combat Shield
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

Shield (uses one-handed ranged weapon slot), +25 Armour Rating, +25 Health. Grants trait: Shield Block (Incoming ranged damage reduced by 25%.)

Sacred Relic Armour Sacred Relic Armour
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

Armour Rating: 135. Grants traits: Melee Expert (Melee damage increased by 15%), Crushing Blows (Melee attacks deal additional damage in an area around the attacker.)

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