The Mekboy is an interesting hero, largely due to some of the wargear he can acquire as you level him up. They are pretty fragile so you’ll want them to be out of the thick of the fighting for the most part. Right from level 1, you’ll get wargear aimed at ranged combat as well as a basic teleporting ability to keep your Mekboy out of harm’s way. They possess a couple of varieties of mines that can be placed, good for when you’re camping on section of the map to keep those melee enemies away. They have good AoE potential too, unlocking the Roks wargear that allows them to call down an orbital bombardment at a specified location (With giant rocks).

Last Stand Mekboy Wargear List

Default equipment. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed ranged weapon, 1.1 dps.


Default equipment. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed melee weapon, 8.2 dps.


Orky ArmourOrky Armour
Default equipment. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armor Rating: 22.


Teleporta ArmourTeleporta Armour
Starting Equipment.

Armor Rating: 22. Grants ability: Teleporta (teleport to the chosen location).


Big ShootaBig Shoota
Starting equipment.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 44.0 dps.


Starting equipment.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 6.0 dps. Grants traits: Area of Effect (the Burna deals damage in a large radius), Ignore Cover (enemies targeted with the Burna gain no advantage from being in cover).

Booby TrapsBooby Traps
Starting equipment.

Accessory. Grants ability: Booby Traps (Scatter booby traps in an area. Enemies who trigger these traps suffer significantly reduced movement speed and accuracy.)

Battery PackBattery Pack
Starting equipment.

Accessory. Grants ability: ‘Ave A Taste (give Energy to a friendly unit and restore their Health).


Mega RumblahMega Rumblah
Unlocked at level 2.

Accessory. Grants ability: Mega-Rumblah (knock down enemy infantry in a large radius around the Mekboy for the duration of the ability).

'Eavy ArmourEavy Armour
Unlocked at level 3.

Armour Rating: 180, +75 Health.


Speshul ToolsSpeshul Tools
Unlocked at level 4.

Accessory. +25 Energy.


Trophy RackTrophy Rack
Unlocked at level 5.

Commander Item. Grants trait: Fearsome Aura (Reduces nearby enemy damage by 35%. Additional Fearsome Auras reduce the damage by an additional 15%.)

Big Choppa Big Choppa
Unlocked at level 6.

One-handed melee weapon, 16.0 dps. +2.0 Health Regeneration, grants trait: Invigorating (regain 5 Energy when killing an enemy with a melee strike).

Cybork PartsCybork Parks
Unlocked at level 7.

Accessory. +66 Armour Rating.


Sturdy BitzSturdy Bitz
Unlocked at level 8.

Accessory. Grants trait: Unshakable (makes the wearer immune to knockback).


Mad Teleporta PackMad Teleporta Pack
Unlocked at level 9.

Armour Rating: 86, grants traits: Reactive Escape (15% chance, when the Mekboy is hit by a melee attack, to teleport the Mekboy to a random location. If teleported, the Mekboy is briefly phased out, greatly reducing the enemy’s chance to hit him.), Reactive Teleport (50% chance, when the Mekboy is hit by a melee attack, to teleport the attacker to a random nearby location.)

Unlocked at level 10.

Commander Item. Grants ability: Roks (order a massive Rok strike on a targeted position).


Boom TimeBoom Time
Unlocked at level 11.

Accessory. Grants trait: Boom Time! (powerful explosives detonate when the Mekboy is incapacitated)


Rokkit LaunchaRokkit Launcha
Unlocks at level 12.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 4.6 dps. Grants traits: Knockdown (passive Rokkit Launcha fire knocks down smaller units), Salvo (the Rokkit Launcha fires 3 missiles at once), Armor Piercing (attacks from the Rokkit Launcha ignore up to 140 Armor Value).

Dok's ToolsDok’s Tools
Unlocked at level 13.

Accessory. Grants trait: Reactive Zeal (chance when hit to heal self and all nearby allies for 10 health).

Electric ArmourElectric Armour
Unlocks at level 14.

Armour Rating: 32. Grants trait: Damage Aura (causes damage to all nearby enemies).


Bouncy ShieldBouncy Shield
Unlocked at level 15.

Accessory. Grants ability: Bouncy Shield (activate a force field that knocks away any enemy infantry who get close to the Mekboy).

Dakka DefgunDakka Deffgun
Unlocked at level 16.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 24.7 dps. Grants traits: Suppressive (the Dakka Deffgun suppresses enemy units under fire, slowing their movement and attack speed), Heavy (the Dakka Deffgun requires a short setup period before firing and, once setup, a teardown period before moving again).

proximity minesProximity Mines
Unlocks at level 17.

Accessory. Mines can be scattered in a target area. When triggered by an enemy they cause knockdown damage in a large radius.

'Uge Bombz‘Uge Bombz
Unlocked at level 18.

Accessory. Placed on the ground these explosives can be triggered for a ‘Uge Kaboom.


Kustom Force FieldKustom Force Field
Unlocked at level 19.

Armor Rating: 44. (Can make the Mekboy invulnerable. for a while.)


Boss PollBoss Poll
Unlocked at level 20.

Commander Item. Increases the Mekboy’s health and grants suppression immunity to him and all surrounding allies.

Leaky ArmourLeaky Armour
Unlocked by completing the Can’t Touch Dis achievement (Kill 2500 enemies as the Ork Mekboy).

Armour rating: 145. Grants trait Leaky Armour.


Zzap KnifeZzap Knife
Unlocked by completing the Sharpest Wrench achievement (kill 350 enemies in a single match as the Ork Mekboy).

One handed melee weapon, 45 DPS. Grants trait Proactive Teleport and Proactive Escape. +2.0 Health Regeneration.


Pokkit Rockit LauncherPokkit Rokit Launcha
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

One-handed ranged weapon, 5.2 dps. Grants traits: Knockdown (Passive Rokkit Launcha fire knocks down smaller units), Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Rokkit Launcha ignore up to 140 armor value.)

Juiced up TellyportaJuiced up Tellyporta
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

Accessory. Grants trait: Ported!! (Whenever an enemy or the Mek is teleported they explode dealing area of effect damage and knockback.)

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