The last of the six heroes available to play in Last Stand, the Lord General wasn’t included until Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Overall I’d classify him more towards the support hero role and in some senses, in the same vein as the Hive Tyrant. The Lord General’s prowess will largely come from his minions and can be a little underpowered until you unlock the guardsmen (first set of minions) at level 5. He has access to a variety of weaponry, allowing you to better determine his damage dealing capacity. He can opt in for melee, grab a flamer for AoE damage or a sniper rifle that deals high damage to a single target (as well as other weapons)

Last Stand Lord General Wargear List

Sniper RifleSniper Rifle
Default equipment. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 8.0 dps.


Carapace ArmourCarapace Armour
Default equipment. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armour Rating: 18.


Deadly Sniper RifleDeadly Sniper Rifle
Starting equipment.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 12.0 dps. +1.0 Energy Regeneration. Grants ability: High-Powered Shot (fire a high-powered anti-infantry round with very long range).

Cadia Pattern Carapace ArmourCadia Pattern Carapace Armour
Starting equipment.

Armour Rating: 125. +0.2 Energy Regeneration.


Starting equipment.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 9.0 dps. Grants traits: Zealous (whenever the Lord General make a standard attack, he regains Health equal to 25% of the damage caused), Wargear Package(in addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon).

Starting equipment.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 6.0 dps. Grants traits: Ignore Cover (enemies targeted with the Flamer gain no advantage from being in cover), Area of Effect (the Flamer deals damage in a large radius), Wargear Package.

Inspiring Power SwordInspiring Power Sword
Starting equipment.

Two-handed melee weapon, 19.0 dps. Grants traits: Inspiring (strikes from the Power Sword improves the damage and speed of nearby allies), Armor Piercing (attacks from the Power Sword ignore up to 100 armor value), Melee Charge (charge into melee combat, knocking down target).

Honorifica ImperialisHonorifica Imperialis
Starting equipment.

Accessory. +25 Armor Rating, +2.0 Health Regeneration.


Refractor fieldRefractor Field
Unlocked at level 2.

Accessory. Grants ability: Refractor Field (employs a large energy shield around the Lord General that protects nearby allied units, reducing the ranged damage they take).

Medallion CrimsonMedallion Crimson
Unlocked at level 3.

Accessory. Grants trait: Combat Expert (+30% Melee and Ranged Damage).


Master-crafted Carapace ArmourMaster-crafted Carapace Armour
Unlocks at level 4.

Armour Rating: 79. Grants ability: Tarantula Heavy Bolter Turret (calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a tarantula turret armed with a heavy bolter, effective at suppressing infantry). Grants trait: Fearless (unit is immune to suppression).

Unlocked at level 5.

Commander Item. Grants ability: Call Guardsmen (calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a squad of Guardsmen, ranged units that can often equip the same weapon as the Lord General). Grants minion trait: Weapon Specialist (Guardsmen are able to use wargear packages their Lord General has equipped).

Protective Power SwordProtective Power Sword
Unlocks at level 6.

Two-handed melee weapon, 10.0 dps. +50 Armor Rating. Grants ability: Clear Out (strike the ground, dealing damage and knocking back enemy units). Grants traits: Armor Piercing(attacks from the Power Sword ignore up to 100 armor value), Melee Charge (charge into melee combat, knocking down target).

Unlocked at level 7.

Accessory. Grants ability: Repair (repair the target structure or vehicle).


Artificer Carapace ArmourArtificer Carapace Armour
Unlocks at level 8.

72 Armor Rating. Grants ability: Tarantula Missile Turret (a drop-ship airdrops a turret equipped with missiles, effective at penetrating heavily armored units, can knock down smaller units).

Unlocked at level 9.

Accessory. Adds Sergeant to Imperial Guard minion squads. Grants minion trait: Battle-hardened (+100 armor and +2.0 health regen).

Unlocks at level 10.

Commander Item. Grants ability: Deploy Catachan (Valkyrie airship air-drops a squad of catachan soldiers armed with shotguns and able to throw grenades). Grants minion traits: Knockdown (Catachan shotgun fire has a chance to knock down smaller units), Explosives Expert (Catachans occasionally toss frag grenades).

Unlocked at level 11.

Accessory. Grants ability: Reinforce (call a Valkyrie assault carrier to the target location, reinforcing allied infantry near the landing zone).

Mordian Pattern Carapace Armour Mordian Pattern Carapace Armour
Unlocks at level 12.

Armour Rating: 37. Grants ability: Executioner Heavy Turret (Valkyrie dropship air-drops a heavy turret equipped with the Executioner, a rapid firing plasma cannon devastating to infantry).

Grenade LauncherGrenade Launcher
Unlocked at level 13.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 5.5 dps. Grants ability: Blind Grenade Volley (fire a volley of blind grenades, stunning enemies in the target area). Grants traits: Area of Effect, Knockdown, Wargear Package.

Unlocks at level 14.

Accessory. Grants minion trait: Combat Expert (+30% melee and ranged damage).


Ogryns Ogryns
Unlocked at level 15.

Commander Item. Grants ability: Deploy Ogryns. Grants minion trait: Healthy (Ogryns have increased health).

Armageddon Pattern Carapace ArmourArmageddon Pattern Carapace Armour
Unlocks at level 16.

Armour Rating: 30. Grants ability: Vanquisher Heavy Turret (air-drops a heavy turret with a vanquisher cannon, deals large area-of-effect, and punches through even the thickest armour).

Take AimTake Aim!
Unlocked at level 17.

Accessory. Grant an ally a temporary but significant damage boost.


Plasma GunPlasma Gun
Unlocks at level 18.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 7.3 dps. Grants traits: Armor Piercing (attacks from the Plasma weapon ignore up to 100 armor), Wargear Package (in addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon).

Rocket RunRocket Run
Unlocked at level 19.

Accessory. Calls in a Valkyrie to perform targeted rocket pod runs to devastate the enemy. Grants trait: Rocket Run.

Unlocks at level 20.

Commander item. Storm Troopers: Elite infantry equpped with hot shot lasguns. Grants the Tactical Withdrawl ability that allows the Lord General to retreat to a target position. Grants Ability: Deploy Storm Troopers. Grants Ability: Tactical Withdrawal (the Lord General will retreat to the target location to regroup). Grants Trait: Special Ops (-25% Energy costs).

The Black PlateThe Black Plate
Unlocked by completing the Unshakable achievement (Complete 10 waves as Lord General while holding both strategic points).

Armour Rating: 125. Grants trait The Black Plate. (The Lord General receives 50% less damage in melee).


Duelist HonoursDuelist Honours
Unlocked by completing the A Trail of Blood Behind Him achievement. (2500 kills)

Accessory. Grants trait Duelist Honours. (Increases melee damage by 40%).


Ornate Vostroyan ShotgunOrnate Vostroyan Shotgun
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 10.5 dps. Grants trait: Area of Effect (The Shotgun deals damage in a radius). Grants ability: Solid Slug (Replace the Shotgun’s regular shot with a solid slug. Deals large damage to the target and knocks back units in a small area.)

Ursidae TrophyUrsidae Trophy
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

Accessory. Grants minion traits: Inspired Will (Increases the health of all the General’s infantry by 15), Superior Provisions (Increases the health of all the General’s turrets by 150.)

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