The Sorcerer is a spellcaster type with a weak normal attack. They are extremely fragile and as such can be a frustrating choice to play until they unlock their teleporting wargear (Warp). In terms of build, they can generally be either a support hero or damage dealing. They have the ability to create orbs that provide benefits to allies, or a friendly doppelgänger of enemies. Their attack spells aren’t something to shirk at either – most of which can cause AoE damage. In terms of weaponry, the sorcerer will either be using a sword (and pistol) or a staff. The staff is ranged so you’ll have to decide how you want to play him, but each provide unique abilities.

Last Stand Chaos Sorcerer Wargear List

Chaos Bolt PistolBolt Pistol
Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed ranged weapon, 4.3 dps.


Force SwordForce Sword
Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed melee weapon, 8.5 dps.


Chaos Power ArmourPower Armour
Default equipment. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armour rating: 12.


Sword of Spite Sword of Spite
Starting Equipment.

One-handed melee weapon, 13.1 dps. Grants ability: Doomblast (emit a radial blast of psychic power, knocking back and damaging all nearby enemies).

Staff of WarpfireStaff of Warpfire
Starting equipment.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 9.8 dps. Grants ability: Warpfire (trigger a line of fiery detonations, damaging all enemy infantry and vehicles).

Armour of Eternal warArmour of Eternal War
Starting equipment.

Armour Rating: 58. Grants trait: Combat Master (+40% melee and ranged damage). Grants minion trait: Combat Master. Grants ability: Daemonic Doppelganger (Summons a Daemonic minion who takes the form of a targeted enemy. The daemon cannot impersonate enemy champions.)

Mark of TzeentchMark of Tzeentch
Starting Equipment.

Accessory. +25 Energy (if Summoner). +50 Energy (if Narcissistic). +25 Doppelganger Energy.


Tome of HungerTome of Hunger
Starting Equipment.

Accessory. Grants ability: Consume (destroy a Daemonic Doppelganger in order to restore the Sorcerer’s health).


Scroll of BloodScroll of Blood
Unlocks at level 2.

Accessory. Grants ability: Orb of Blood (Project an orb of unholy power. Allies within the orb regain health whenever they attack, healing for 50% of the damage they cause.)

Vestments of Power UndividedVestments of Power Undivided
Unlocks at level 3.

Armour Rating: 62. +0.5 Energy Regeneration. Grants trait: Narcissistic (All minion traits and bonuses apply to the Sorcerer instead).

Tome of DoomTome of Doom
Unlocks at level 4.

Accessory. Grants ability: Doombolt (fire lethal psychic bolts at the targeted area).


Icon of SummoningIcon of Summoning
Unlocks at level 5.

Commander Item. Grants trait: Greater Summoning (doppelganger ability may now target enemy champions). +125 Health (Narcissistic only).

Sword of FateSword of Fate
Unlocked at level 6.

One-handed melee weapon, 12.5 dps. Grants ability: Curse of Tzeentch (Place a curse on an enemy, damaging that unit over time and preventing health regeneration. The unit will explode if it perishes under the effects of the curse.)

Sigil of Greater SorcerySigil of Greater Sorcery
Unlocked at level 7.

Accessory. Grants trait: Greater Sorcery (Warpfire now causes knockback. Doomblast deals additional damage. Curse of Tzeentch recharges Sorcerer Energy. Let the Galaxy Burn fires an additional fireball. Warp burns the ground upon arrival.)

Daemonic Gift of RetaliationDaemonic Gift of Retaliation
Unlocks at level 8.

Accessory. Grants minion trait: Reactive Strike (Chance when the Doppelganger is hit by a melee attack to trigger a reactive Doomblast. Greater Sorcery and Master Sorcery traits enhance this effect.) A Narcissistic Sorcerer gains the same chance to emit this Doomblast when he is attacked.

Robes of Unholy FortitudeRobes of Unholy Fortitude
Unlocked at level 9.

Armour Rating: 72. +50 Health, +50 Doppelganger health, +25 Energy, +25 Doppelganger Energy. Grants ability: Daemonic Doppelganger.

Icon of ChangeIcon of Change
Unlocks at level 10.

Commander Item. Grants trait: Chaos Aura (sporadic effect deals damage to enemies).


Scroll of VengeanceScroll of Vengeance
Unlocked at level 11.

Accessory. Grants ability: Orb of Vengeance (Project an orb of unholy power. Enemies attacking any of your allies within the orb suffer 150% of the damage they inflict upon their target.)

Staff of TzeentchStaff of Tzeentch
Unlocks at level 12.

Two-handed weapon, 9.8 dps. Grants ability: Warp (teleport to target location).


Armour of Might UndividedArmour of Might Undivided
Unlocks at level 13.

Armour Rating: 88. Grants traits: Fearless (immune to suppression), Unshakable (immune to knockback), Narcissistic (all minion traits and bonuses apply to the sorcerer instead).

Daemonic Gift of SpiteDaemonic Gift of Spite
Unlocks at level 14.

Accessory. Grants Minion Trait: Death Throes (a Warp vortex erupts upon the minion’s death, knocking back and damaging nearby enemies). A Narcissistic Sorcerer causes such an explosion whenever he is incapacitated.

Staff of Daemonic FlameStaff of Daemonic Flame
Unlocked at level 15.

Two-handed ranged weapon. Grants ability: Let The Galaxy Burn! (Loose an orb of empyreal flame a target. Orbs detonate on impact leaving smoldering residue that can continue to damage enemies.)

Scroll of Unholy MightScroll of Unholy Might
Unlocks at level 16.

Accessory. This ancient scroll allows the Sorcerer to cast an Orb of Unholy Might making the attacks of all nearby allies cause knock back.

robes of the deathlessRobes of the Deathless
Unlocked at level 17.

Armour Rating: 4. Grants ability: Daemonic Doppelganger (Summons a Daemonic minion who takes the form of a targeted enemy). Grants trait and minion trait: Deathless (When suffering a fatal blow, the Sorcerer/Doppelganger instead regains full Health and Energy and deals double damage for a short period. This effect cannot recur for 30 seconds.)

Sigil of Master SorcerySigil of Master Sorcery
Unlocks at level 18.

Accessory. Grants trait: Master Sorcery (Warpfire range doubled. Doomblast briefly increases unit’s armor. Curse of Tzeentch heals the Sorcerer. Let the Galaxy Burn fires an additional fireball. Warp burns the ground upon departure.)

Daemonic Gift of SustenanceDaemonic Gift of Sustenance
Unlocked at level 19.

Accessory. Grants minion traits: Combat Vigor (Whenever the Doppelganger makes a standard attack, it regains 2 Energy), Zealous (Whenever the Doppelganger makes a standard attack, it regains Health equal to 100% of the damage caused). For Narcissistic Sorcerers the recharge effects applies to the Sorcerer’s own attacks.

Icon of PainIcon of Pain
Unlocked at level 20.

Commander Item. Grants trait: Aura of Power (Sorcerer and nearby allies gain a bonus of 30% to melee and ranged damage.)

Accursed IdolAccursed Idol
Unlocked by completing the Magic Missiler achievement (consume 5000 energy from using abilities from the Chaos Sorcerer).

Accessory. Grants trait: Accursed Idol.


HellbladeCataclysmic Hellbade
Unlocked by completing the There Can Only Be One achievement (Progress past wave 16 on the Bloodied Coliseum as the Chaos Sorcerer).

Two Handed Melee weapon, 21.4 DPS. Grants traits Hell Attacks and Bonus Damage.

Oracle StaveOracle Stave
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

Two-handed melee weapon, 5.0 dps. Grants trait: Fate Weaver (Melee attacks have a 30% chance to trigger Fate Weaver. The next attack from the Sorcerer deals immense damage.)

Rubric Touched Helm Rubric Touched Helm
Unlocked via Paid DLC.

Accessory. Grants trait: Dark Fortification (Adds 150 Armor Rating to the Sorcerer for 10 seconds when struck in melee.)

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