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Space Marine Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine was on display like so many other games as expected at E3 2011 and although we’ve seen a fair bit of chainsword Ork slaughtering, this was our first taste of some varied gameplay showing off one feature in particular, bullet time. We also catch a glimpse of the chainsword, bolter and plasma gun in action – staples of any respected Space Marine’s arsenal of Ork slaughtering weapons. The hordes of Orks the Ultramarine has to face at the start look rather bland and same same (getting really technical there) but there’s plenty of blood being spilt to forgive it. At least in this instance.

We also get a look at the HUD, with weapon ammo down in the bottom right corner and an Ultramarines symbol in the left. As you carve your way through enemies, the Ultramarines symbol will fill up, allowing the Space Marine to unleash bullet time which slows down time, giving you a chance to accurately place shots in what is otherwise a hectic combat scenario.