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Star Wars: The Old Republic class builder

If you’ve been waiting to see how each class will come together on Star Wars: The Old Republic as you level, then your wait is over. The revised advanced class page lets you explore the options that will be available to you.

BioWare staff have put up a new page over at the Star Wars: The Old Republic official website. Using the new online feature on the advanced classes page, you will able to click through each of the eight major classes in the game, as well as the associated advanced classes that unlock as you level. Each class has two specialised careers that affect your personal build, letting you specialize in various party roles, like healing or damage, as well as altering your abilities and equipment options.

BioWare has stated that the builds are still being tweaked and are subject to change prior to an expected launch before the end of the year.  At the very least, you can begin to get a good sense of how your character will develop based on the classes.

Explore the character options of Star Wars: The Old Republic here.

Source: GameInformer