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A while ago David Rutter boldly claimed that FIFA 12 will be a revolution in the gameplay department and ever since then, we’ve been wondering just what EA Sports have up their sleeves that they could bring to the table to back up this claim. After all FIFA 11 was a commercial success and added what was a unique feature in allowing the player to control a goalkeeper for the first time in the series’ now ever present Be a Pro mode. The game is still a good five months away from release if previous release schedules for FIFA titles are maintained, so let’s see what we do know.


As you can see from the video above, it seems like EA Sports have been working on something called the “Player Impact Engine” which aims to bring the experience of real world footballers and how they challenge each other for the ball, win possession and test each other physically. Natural collisions and players tussling one another have been improved upon.

The two other things that we know about currently are Precision Dribbling; bring new ways to take on opponents, more time on the ball and improvements all around from last year’s dribbling. The second is Tactical Defending which promises to¬†fundamentally change the way you defend in the game to bring it more into line with the ‘real world’, by aiming to place more importance on intercepting opposition passes, positioning and tackling like never before.


Pro Player Intelligence is a part of the proclaimed revolution to the FIFA series and will add a self-awareness and aptitude that will enable players on the pitch to make decisions based on their skills as well as the strength and attributes of their team mates. Players who have exceptional vision will see through balls, that others won’t, for example. Additionally teams will vary their attack based on the types of players they have on the pitch and the opposition they face, making for a more varied and authentic experience.

Career mode will also be given a touch up in FIFA 12, reportedly driven by the story lines of real world football. Elements such as on-pitch form, player morale and league position will influence the outcome of games, giving players more decisions and factors than ever before when their consequences are played out on the field.

FIFA 12 will once again come with a large selection of clubs, with over 500 making up the count in the latest iteration.