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Mass Effect 2 Genesis

Playstation 3 owners who bought Mass Effect 2 will be familiar with Mass Effect Genesis, the interactive motion comic that allows you to choose the plot outcomes from Mass Effect 1 as you watch, as the original was never released on Sony’s console. Xbox 360 and PC gamers will now also get to experience Mass Effect Genesis, as Bioware have released it for both platforms. If you’ve lost your Mass Effect saves or never played the game, this might be for you (although I personally recommend playing the original at least once!).

Mass Effect Genesis will cost 320 Bioware or Microsoft Points, depending on your platform and can be downloaded from the Mass Effect 2 launcher or on Xbox Live.

In other Bioware centric news, Mass Effect 3 has featured at #6 for Gamespot’s most anticipated list of games for E3, while another Bioware title, MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic earned the #1 spot.