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Ezio Auditore - Assassin's Creed Revelations

Just recently Ubisoft has released a ton of information surrounding the characters that will feature in Assassin’s Creed Revelations in the latest edition of Game Informer. Let’s take a look at those characters set to make an appearance in Constantinople in the final chapter of Ezio’s story arc.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

As expected, Ezio will again be the main character, as he was in Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood. Up until revelations, Ezio’s path in life has been driven by the need to gain vengeance, first for the death of his immediate family and later his Uncle at the hands of the Borgias. For the first time, we will begin to see Ezio question his lot in life. In 1511, seeking purpose and direction, the head of assassin order heads to Constantinople to search for answers. He will look to his own ancestor, Altair to provide them.

Altair Ibn-La’Ahad

Altair is the main character of the original Assassin’s Creed and remains something of a mystery to us. Much of his life remains shrouded, including his early life and the discoveries that are mentioned in the codex in Assassin’s Creed II. Instead of Desmond directly accessing the memories of Altair, Ezio will encounter objects in the game world that will allow him to look back and experience Altair’s memories for himself. Ubisoft has promised that Assassin’s Creed fans will get a clear picture of what exactly Altair discovered centuries ago.

Manuel Palaeologos

A real life historical figure that may have once been an emperor had the Byzantine empire not been brought down by the rising tide of the Ottoman Empire. Without any political power that might have rightfully been his, Palaeologos ended up still being a wealthy man, living a a life indolent luxury. Within the Assassin’s Creed universe, Manuel Palaeologos still maintains some ties to the Byzantine remnants but he is also tied in mysterious ways to the ever present evil force that is the Templar Order.

Sofia Sorta

In Assassin’s Creed, one of the more prominent tools employed by Ubisoft is the representation of real life characters. Sofia Sorta, however, is the first character to be based upon a piece of art. For those playing at home, the painting entitled Potrait of a Young Venetian Woman by Albrecht Drurer, serves as the basis for Sorta’s character. Like Ezio, she transplanted to Constantinople from Italy, her purpose to help spread learning and knowledge to the people there. Sofia will reportedly serve as a love interest to Ezio.

Prince Suleiman

Historically minded readers will recognize the name, Suleiman the Magnificent is acclaimed for his forty year rule over the Ottoman empire during the height of it’s power. Budding assassins won’t be meeting the great leader that was, however, but rather a teenage (17 year old) Suleiman some nine years before he ascended to the throne. At the start of the game, his family is on the precipice of war to decide who will become the heir to the throne of the Ottomon empire. A young Suleiman is said to be intrigued by the philosophies and leadership qualities Ezio possesses.

Yusuf Tazim

Yusuf Tazim is the master assassin of Constantinople and as such, is in charge of the order there. Although Ezio is technically a higher rank than Yusuf, the two men are close companions and are friendly rivals. Ezio may bring a great deal of wisdom to the table for Constantinople’s assassins to learn from, it is however Tazim who introduces the Italian to the hook blade, a unique device that will change the way he fights and navigates the environment.