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World of Tanks, the popular and free to play action MMO, has seen the release of a new patch today and with it comes a dash of new content and a wealth of backend optimization to improve the gaming experience for players. The update adds in a handful of Artillery options to the following factions: United States, the USSR and Germans not to mention throwing in two new maps for players to make war on with their new toys.

The developers behind World of Tanks, Wargaming.net, have also laid down the foundations for a high level play mode known as “Ultimate Conquest”. This will present a chance for World of Tanks players apart of clans to battle it out through a global altercation, that could transform the primarily lobby based mutliplayer title in a persistent experience more closely resembling the massively multiplayer game it claims to be. According to Victor Kilsy, CEO of Wargaming.net, World of Tanks’ community has approximately 1500 clans, all ready to roll out upon the release of “Ultimate Conquest”.

World of Tanks