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Everyone’s familiar with the Call of Duty brand. What some people might not know though is how many studios Activision currently have working on the brand itself.

Infinity Ward does the Modern Warfare games (What’s left of the studio anyway), Treyarch did the most recent one, Black Ops, and we also have Raven Software, Sledgehammer Games and Beachhead studios.

Raven Software is rumored to be working with Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games on Modern Warfare 3, which is supposed to be revealed this year and go up against EA’s Battlefield 3. To this end, there have been several rumblings about the Call of Duty brand and where it’s headed. One speculation is it will go past the modern setting and into the realm of sci-fi; another rumor is that it will go the MMO/online route.

While both rumors sound plausible, website Rock, Paper, Shotgun has just received a tip that we will soon be getting a major announcement regarding the Call of Duty brand, and it looks to be centric to the PC.

According to the tip, they’re calling it Call of Duty Online. This might be the Call of Duty “online solution” Bobby Kotick has mentioned before, or at the very least, part of it.

The site speculates that this might be a free-to-play shooter much in the same vein as Battlefield: Play4Free.

Will it be a Call of Duty MMO or a browser game? Or even Call of DutyVille? Activision-Blizzard is scheduled to reveal their quarterly results this coming week, there’s a very good possibility we’ll know more then.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun