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The R18+ classification debate here in Australia is one that is bitterly fought and has been going on for far too long. It’s a subject that Australian gamers feel strongly about, my myself included and with good reason. Classification is ultimately controlled by those who have no interest or knowledge in gaming, making them largely unqualified to make decisions on the matter. Time and again, this has been shown by several representatives of the ACC (Australian Christian Churches organisation) whenever they’ve weighed in on the subject. They’ve made ridiculous claims that are supposedly backed up by “research” and ultimately, in my opinion at least, they come across as wanting to control the Australian population instead of giving us the tools to accurately inform Gamers about the games they are purchasing through classifications.

I also think a lot of people on the “other side of the fence” don’t really understand the argument (either that or they don’t care) that the pro R18+ classification camp are putting forward. We’re not campaigning for that classification so we can get extra gory or porn like games. We want to be able to be able to more accurately represent games when it comes to classification. I can sit here and type this right now – there are games that are given MA15+ ratings that would not be if there was an R18+ classification available. At the very least, that’s my opinion on the movement. (I should note that there have actually been less than 10 games I believe refused classification re: banned, in Australia to date).

Anyway, enough of my ranting I suppose. Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O’Connor held a press conference at an EB Games store in Adelaide. For those who don’t know, the Minister is going to be playing a large part in whether or not Australia gets it’s long overdue R18+ classification for video games. That video is below and you can also read my earlier bit on the r18+ debate here.

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