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Alright folks, welcome to the third edition of Gaming Laughs, a comedy (I use that word lightly) series of articles where I showcase my awesome (crappy) drawing skills. Like the Gaming Laughs – Mario edition, this will be styled same format I used there. Text based (MUDs) accompanied by imagery. Originally this was slotted for Edition 2, but the Gaming Laughs – Mass Effect one took it’s place.

What else can I say about this one before throwing up the images? It’s 8 scenes in length (meaning 8 separate images) which oddly enough and totally unplanned, is the same length as the Mario edition. The Triforce is also a super special edition because it is interactive! Well, kinda. An image of something appears in every single one of the scenes, hidden away for you to find. Leave a comment below with what that image is and what it’s location is in each of the 8 scenes to win a prize (Eternal Fame on GamingHUD! What better prize, right?).

Scene 1 TriforceScene 2 TriforceScene 3 TriforceScene 4 TriforceScene 5 TriforceScene 6 TriforceScene 7 TriforceScene 8 Triforce