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If you’re like me, then you love Dawn of War 2: Retribution’s Last Stand mode. And if you’re starting out, you might just be like I was – wanting to know what each heroes’ wargear list was like so I could plan ahead accordingly! So I’ll share this list with you which is complete up to 3.14 update (An update which adds 12 new achievements to Last Stand, each unlocking a piece of war gear). Feel free to send in a comment if I’ve messed up one of the item descriptions or things have updated since this has been posted.

I’ll posit my thoughts on the various heroes first, you can navigate to their wargear lists by clicking on the header, or at the bottom, there will be a quick navigation guide.

Space Marine

Ahh, the humble Space Marine, unyielding servant to the God Emperor of Mankind. This is the hero that I have the most familiarity with – to sum up the Space Marine in a word? The tank. The Space Marine has a good selection of wargear to emphasise that role, with various regen or health bonuses.  They can also equip wargear that lets them taunt the enemy, forcing them to attack the Space Marine, or another which causes lesser enemies to flee when used. In the higher up levels, you’ll get an amazing dreadnought to equip, and in terms of combat, you can go either ranged or melee. Another useful item the Space Marine can get is the Jump Pack, which gives them more mobility to get around the arena. Most of the Space Marine’s weaponry is aimed at single target stuff and non-counting abilities (Plasma gun giving hellfire grenade), the only weapon they have that’ll give you decent AoE ability is the Plasma cannon – not something I would recommend taking unless you are playing with an Eldar who has group teleport equipped.

Hive Tyrant

The Hive Tyrant seems to be one of the less popular choices in Last Stand. Like the Space Marine, they also slip nicely into the tank role though I would perhaps be hesitant to label them as such in a cut and dry manner. Their weaponry is all two-handed, meaning you will be either melee or ranged (Space Marines and others do get a melee/ranged combo though they ((Or me)) rarely use the pistol of that combo). You’ll want them in the thick of combat if they are melee, imposing their bulk on the battlefield. The Hive Tyrant also has the ability to summon minions to help out and this is where their focus lies. A lot of their wargear grants traits to their minions so if you’re not bringing any you’ll probably find yourself not performing at optimal levels. The big negative for the massive Hive Tyrant is its speed. Most of the carapace armour lowers it’s already slow speed by 14%, meaning they aren’t very mobile. Apart from charge they lack any wargear that gets them around the battlefield and to safety (Such as jump packs or teleporting). I think for that reason, this is why they aren’t too popular, it’s a hard choice to play because of it.

Eldar Farseer

The Farseer is a support hero and in my experience seems to be at her most effective when she is using her abilities to buff her allies and debuff enemies. Combat wise, they are agile melee fighters and they possess a few two-handed melee weapons later on in the levels to emphasis this. Her most powerful abilities are probably Confuse and Veil of Tears (mass confuse), which can make enemies slow down or even kill each other. Other essential abilities include Conceal (cloak friendly units) and Group Teleport. A good farseer player is usually the last to fall, as they can kite around the battlefield and are very mobile.


The Mekboy is an interesting hero, largely due to some of the wargear he can acquire as you level him up. They are pretty fragile so you’ll want them to be out of the thick of the fighting for the most part. Right from level 1, you’ll get wargear aimed at ranged combat as well as a basic teleporting ability to keep your Mekboy out of harm’s way. They possess a couple of varieties of mines that can be placed, good for when you’re camping on section of the map to keep those melee enemies away. They have good AoE potential too, unlocking the Roks wargear that allows them to call down an orbital bombardment at a specified location (With giant rocks).

Chaos Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is a spellcaster type with a weak normal attack. They are extremely fragile and as such can be a frustrating choice to play until they unlock their teleporting wargear (Warp). In terms of build, they can generally be either a support hero or damage dealing. They have the ability to create orbs that provide benefits to allies, or a friendly doppelgänger of enemies. Their attack spells aren’t something to shirk at either – most of which can cause AoE damage. In terms of weaponry, the sorcerer will either be using a sword (and pistol) or a staff. The staff is ranged so you’ll have to decide how you want to play him, but each provide unique abilities.

Lord General

The last of the six heroes available to play in Last Stand, the Lord General wasn’t included until Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Overall I’d classify him more towards the support hero role and in some senses, in the same vein as the Hive Tyrant. The Lord General’s prowess will largely come from his minions and can be a little underpowered until you unlock the guardsmen (first set of minions) at level 5. He has access to a variety of weaponry, allowing you to better determine his damage dealing capacity. He can opt in for melee, grab a flamer for AoE damage or a sniper rifle that deals high damage to a single target (as well as other weapons)

**The guide has been updated both in terms of content and a new format.**

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