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I’ve put a question mark in the title because it’s only a rumour at the moment and has not been confirmed by Treyarch to my knowledge, but you did read right, a second Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The image below was originally on the Game Australia website but the URL it resided on has apparently been removed.

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack 2

It’s pretty hard to discern much in the way of information about this Map Pack. In fact, the Zombie map doesn’t really give us anything (even a wild hunch) to go off of. Stockpile looks like it might be another snow map, judging by the guy in the picture having his face covered. Convoy looks (at least to me) like it is going to be in the U.S. just like Stadium was for Black Op’s Map Pack 1 (The sign for me, at least looks like what I’ve seen in movies.) I have a hunch that hotel might be in Cuba, but it’s impossible to say – there were rumours prior to Map Pack 1’s release that one in this set would be located there. As for Zoo, I suspect this one is going to get a lot of mixed impressions from the fan base.  For me though, depending on how it’s built, it could be quite the scenic location to fight over.

For our American based readers, keep in mind that date is in the format we use in Australia, so it’s not the 5th of March but the 3rd of May. The date also will only apply (if it’s real) to the Xbox 360 due to the exclusive deal between Activision and Microsoft. It’s probably also worth noting that the 3rd of May falls on a Tuesday, which is a day that has become increasingly popular to release not only DLC but games on over the past year or so. Whether or not that means anything, I’ll leave you to decide.

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