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It would seem that Nintendo Australia is planning on a new advertising campaign for Mario Kart Wii and they want you (well, if you’re Australian and live in the required areas, at least!) to star in it. Here I was thinking that just about everyone owned a copy of this game now-a-days. After all, it did come out in April 2008.

From aussie-nintendo.com:

All you have to do is grab three family members or friends and get down to one of two locations in Melbourne and Sydney from the 9th to the 17th of April 2011. Melbournians can head down to The Nintendo Experience at EB Games Swanston Street while Sydneysiders can visit the Bay Street EB Games Broadway.

Nintendo’s camera crew will be filming people playing Mario Kart Wii everyday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. All you have to do is attend during the appointed times and play the set up Wii console with Mario Kart Wii and Nintendo will capture the fun. For your best chance to make the cut in the final TV commercial, make sure to bring a group of four down to participate. After the event, Nintendo Australia will add selected footage of people playing Mario Kart Wii onto their website.

Mario Kart Wii!