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Forza Motorsport 4

The following video of Forza Motorsport 4 gameplay was leaked on April 1st (Before Midday – USA), so it might just be an elaborate April Fool’s joke on the developer Turn 10’s part (or even Microsoft) but it seems highly unlikely given how much detail there is in the video and that Microsoft have had it pulled down from Youtube on some channels already.

Details such as Kinect-supported head tracking, Kinect driving controls in casual gameplay modes, advanced lighting and modelling, social networking features and a deep list of manufacturers were all tipped off earlier.

Apparently Kotaku were contacted by a Microsoft spokesperson who confirmed the video’s authenticity.

The video in question was not intended for public distribution and may not accurately reflect features and functionality that ship in Forza Motorsport 4. We will have more to share on Forza Motorsport 4 in the near future.

For now I’m going to operate on the assumption that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke (shame on me if it turns out that way – lol). It looks pretty impressive and there’s still a long way to go until it’s released. I can’t say the Kinect features are going to be well received by the hardcore Forza Motorsport fan base but it very much looks like it’s going to support controller based racing like it’s predecessor. (It’d probably be a case of ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ if they remove controller support)