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Nintendo 3DS with stylis and cartridge

Epic Games’ Vice President, Mark Rein, said a while back that their Unreal Engine isn’t able to run “well” on the Nintendo 3DS — defending their decision to not be developing any games on the platform. Ubisoft, however, thinks otherwise.

In a Q&A session with GameSpot UK, Ubisoft’s Fabrice Cuny, Splinter Cell 3D‘s producer, stated that the 3DS is in fact able to run the Unreal Engine, and while doing so, described it as “impressive”.

“The 3DS is powerful,” Cuny began as he answered a question that asked whether or not the 3DS has the same processing power as the Wii.

“And we are able to run the Unreal engine on this console, which is pretty impressive for a handheld machine, and the 3D doesn’t affect the performance (thanks to my amazing programmers). The architecture is different compared to a Wii or some other platforms that we had to work with here at Ubisoft Montreal.”

Mark Rein, remember, also said that “the second Nintendo releases a piece of hardware that can run our engine well, we’ll be on it like water on fish.” Has that time already come with the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know your thoughts.