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In association with our affiliates, Afootballforum.com, GamingHUD has created and released an Afootballforum.com themed Football Manager 2011 challenge. What’s Football Manager 2011? It is the latest in a long line of Football managerial simulations produced by Sports Interactive. My review of the game can be found by clicking here.

Quoted from the AFF challenge thread on Afootballforum.com (Please sign up and participate if you wish to be a part of the larger challenge).

Outline of the Scenario
– Rotherham have folded in Npower League 2 (Posted Image) and a new club, Afootballforum FC have been founded to fill the void and make up the 24 team quota.
– AFF FC have no coaching or playing staff. Something the prospective manager will have to rectify asap.
– Reputation is below the average Npower League 2 club.
– AFF FC play out the 5k seater stadium called, ‘The Forum’ with a supporter base of 2183. It has an expansion capacity of up to 10k.
– The club has a starting balance of 500,000 euros, a transfer kitty of 100,000 and remaining wages at 20,000
– The AFF admins fill the various board-like roles. Be prepared for a hitler-like reign (or not).
– You will need the latest update (1.3) to partake in the challenge.

There are 3 challenges to take part in, ranging in difficulty. Successfully completing any of the challenges will earn yourself an award when that system comes in, depending on which one it is. (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
– Reach the Premier League in 5 seasons or less
– Win the Champions league in 15 seasons or less
– Become the most successful club in England (major trophy haul)

The rules are simple. State which challenge you are going for, if you don’t intend on trying for all three. No cheating (duh lol). Post screenshots of your progress.
– September: Transfer dealings, both in and out.
– February: Transfer dealings (in/out), League Table
– End of season: League Table

For those that don’t know, the editor data for the challenge has to go in the following location (On Windows 7): DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2011Editor Data

In addition to the awards on Afootballforum.com, those who are members of GamingHUD as well, will earn an award here upon completing the challenge.