Arrival is the name of what is set to be the last of the downloadable content for Bioware’s futuristic  hit, Mass Effect 2. Bioware have been teasing us with screenshots via their facebook page, but have yet to give out any juicy details. After each update, they pique our curiosity by offering to reveal more about the DLC after their reveals reach 750,000 facebook impressions.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival Screenshot 1

Mass Effect 2 Arrival Screenshot 2

You can view the second screenshot and improve the impressions by clicking this link to Bioware’s facebook page. What do you think the Arrival DLC will contain? What do the numbers mean? Leave your comments below. For me, I’m going to say the obvious; Arrival means the Arrival of the Reapers.

Edit to add: Third Mass Effect 2 – Arrival Screenshot