GamingHUD.com is proud to announce that it has undergone a series of updates and I’ll give you, the reader, the run down.

The Site
– The background has been changed to a Dragon Age 2 themed background, in preparation for next month.
– Twitter and facebook icons have been added, so that you can follow us from the home page.
– If you haven’t already seen it, a new poll is up. Cast your vote!

The Forum
– Four new backgrounds have been added; Need For Speed, Duke Nukem, Aion Online and Mass Effect 3. The Aion Online and Need For Speed backgrounds are replacements for existing ones.
– Awards system! Check it out here.
– Next to View New Content, is a button for Find My Content which will only display threads you’ve posted in or created.
– You’ll now be required to reach 5 posts before you can send a personal message.

There’s been a few other changes also, but they’re mostly back end stuff that won’t effect you guys but will help us do what we do a little easier.

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