Greetings and salutations,

For previous visitors to the GamingHUD.com forums, you’ll notice that A LOT has changed. Many hours have been put into this to get the site to where it is now, with a lot of frustration on my part (in working on it) and sleep deprivation. There’s also been a lot of waiting involved for everyone but we’ve managed to deliver it! A massive shout out to Fahl who without his involvement, none of this would have been possible. It is however, my express regret that to say to those few members we had before the upgrade, that unfortunately everything from posts, threads to accounts were lost in the process. It’s never easy losing any deal of work, but I believe the benefits will outweigh those losses easily.

Some of the things I’d like to point out of interest are:
– Check out the paint bucket image near View New Content. Clicking this will bring up a selection of background images so you can customize the forums. And with the way it works, we don’t have to develop independent skins for each background.
– A skin designed specifically for use while net surfing with a mobile. It’s lightweight and optimised for mobiles, though it’s on the agenda to update the color scheme so that it better reflects the main skin.

This is only the beginning for the new GamingHUD.com forums and there’s still a lot of change and features to come, as we work to improve the experience overall.