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Dragon Age 2

So, if you’re anything like me with regards to RPGs set to be released in 2011, you’re looking forward to Dragon Age 2; the sequel to Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins and the second romp in Thedas. I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and eyes on the Greywarden’s blog to keep up to date with all the info released on the game (their latest article can be found by clicking here). But anyway, as I fired up the Xbox 360 today I noticed something rather peculiar.

A whole swathe of Dragon Age 2 themed avatar gear has been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Good right? Well, I’m thinking not to be honest. I’m guilty of buying a couple of pieces of virtual gear to spruce up on my Xbox Live avatar here and there but the thing that irks me about this is that Dragon Age 2 is not due to be released in North America till March 8th (March 11th in Europe). Now, I’ll go on record as of now saying I don’t know who is responsible for the making of avatar gear for Non-Microsoft studio games. So if anyone is able to enlighten me on that, you’ll have my thanks.

For now though, I’ll operate on the assumption that someone (or someones) in Bioware whipped up this stuff. It’s too early for the game to have gone gold (Gold is the term used to describe a game that has gone into production; one that is being put onto discs for shipping), so surely this person/s time would have been better spent on stuff that is more important to the game?

Is this just a case of harmless promotion/hype generating or a cash grab? I’ll link you the marketplace page for this stuff and let you, the reader, decide.

Dragon Age 2 Avatar Gear on Marketplace.