Hi Everyone,

The site officially enters it’s beta stage now after having been updated once more. Work on both the front end and back end has occurred. On the front end of things, the way posts are displayed have been changed, with the main slideshow up the top getting some work, while you’ll also see a slide show of sorts underneath it (thumbnail images). Further down (and this is a result of back end stuff too!) there are still the three groupings of posts as there were before but they’ve been broken down differently.

Reviews and Previews are fairly straight forward; any game previews or reviews will appear here regardless of platform. News will include game news and site news, while finally the article section will include content from the various article writers (which means Reset Button gets more front page prominence now). With the article section comes the addition of Extra Life. What’s it about? You can read about it here.

The main site background will, hopefully, change monthly. As activity picks up, we’ll run a poll on the forums that people can vote on for the next background. There’s a new site logo too, although admittedly it hasn’t meshed as well as I thought it might and will be subject to change at a later date(I’m no graphic artist :(). The menu that can be found just above the slideshow has also been altered to make it less cluttered.

In the alpha layout, there were left and right sidebars either side of the post area. This didn’t look great and so I’ve gone with a right sidebar only. The left only option was tried but it pushed content off center a little, thus shelved. The content in the sidebars have been changed around too, with some of the old stuff being moved down to the bottom bar (including everyone’s favourite widget, the ads section :P).

I’m also going to close the poll, Who would win in a fight: Mario or Sonic? today and replace it with a new FPS centered pol. “Which FPS impressed you most in 2010; Medal of Honour, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Halo Reach.” The results of Mario vs Sonic were close with Sonic just edging it 7 votes to Mario’s 6.

In the coming weeks, I hope to have the forums up to snuff so it’s more pleasant to visit and post there, though it’s largely dependent on Fahl as to whether or not I get to do it.

I hope everyone had a fun Christmas and on behalf of all the GamingHUD staff, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy 2011, a year that looks set to be a great year for gaming.

– Cypher