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Chicken Racing

Fable Three Chicken Even heroes need to have a bit of fun from time to time. And with the disappearance of game masters all over Albion.. what are we going to do? Why race chickens of course! In Albion, there are no greyhound or horse races, but an industrious couple in Brightwall (provided you do the pre-requisite quest) have set up a race course.

So head on over to Brightwall and put down some of your hard earned on one of those racin’ chickens. My money is on The Feathered Avenger.


Gnome Hunting

Fable 3 GnomeRemember the Gargoyles from Fable 2? This time round, you’ve unleashed an even worser evil on the people of Albion. After imbuing a Gnome lover’s collection with the power of the Gargoyles, these chaps will scatter across Albion and Aurora. To make matters worse, these Gnomes know how to insult someone. Listen to their many insults or waste them with your gun. Either can be quite pleasurable.


Mountain Climbing

Fable 3 Gold PileYou probably thought I was talking about climbing an actual mountain. How wrong you were! There is very little more satisfying than amassing a large amount of wealth and ascending upon to look down upon your faithful servant, Jasper. Of course, if you amass enough, you’ll be able to nab a special golden key. Then, if you can spend away all your wealth, you’ll be able to unlock that there chest in the Sanctuary.


Party With Ghosts

Sam and Max have a partyAhh. Sam and Max? Remember those hell raisers from Fable 2? The ones who summoned hollowmen in Bowerstone Cemetery? And Unleashed a banshee on Bloodstone? Yeah, it’s those guys! Except their dead now. Which isn’t apparently as fun as they thought it would be. The two brothers will request you retrieve the fabled Necronomicon for them. Do that and they’ll summon more Ghosts and have a party.

There’ll be singing and dancing.. a real lively time to be had. Stick around for dialog or try out the ghost beer for an interesting effect. Though with Sam and Max, you just know danger is around the corner…


Chess with Chesty

Bed is burning ChestyChesty. The psychotic chest from Fable 2 returns and is ready for another super best friend! Enter you. Nestled off a path in Mourning Wood, you’ll encounter the Sunset House. Solve the puzzle, sleep in the bed and you’ll see your parent’s old buddy, Chesty. He’ll challenge you to a game of chess. Unfortunately Chesty doesn’t have much patience for these games and quickly grows bored.

Defeat his minions and well.. that’s all really. No, it’s not. You can now play chess against other Heroes online.

Just a very small selection of things you can do in Fable 3. Want even more do you? Then look no further than this thread on the Lionhead community forums. http://lionhead.com/forums/t/295401.aspx

Till next time, Enjoy!